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Action Committee

The action committee are the entities responsible to activate the plan.

Statistics and Data:

  1. This is the responsibility of Casiem Adams. His tasks are:
    1. Capture all data relating to the tournament.
    2. Compile the stats for the media. This comprise of the goal scorers, cautions and dismissals.
    3. He also keeps a record of all players registered to play in the tournament.

Help Desk:

  1. This is the responsibility of Leon Ontong. He works in relation to all factors of the admin. He assists with the managers in terms of information required.
  2. He also works in conjunction with Casiem Adams and Michael Bruyns.


  1. 3.1 Pat Connolly is in charge of this department. Their responsibilities are:
    1. Monitor and select players, teams and coaches for various awards.
    2. Select players for the "tournament team".
    3. These adjudicators are all qualified coaches who volunteer their time and knowledge.


  1. This department is run by Linda Bruyns. They comprise of all the people working in the kitchen and the dining hall.

Liaison Officers:

  1. The liaison officers are for the visiting teams only.
  2. Abdullah Alexander is the liaison at the hotel where the teams are accommodated. He deals with matters at the hotel in term of accommodation and meals. He then reports directly to the tournament director.
  3. Ibrahim (Boeta Hiemmy Abdullah) is in charge of the 13 liaison officers that are assigned to look after each visiting team. (Volunteers)
  4. Those team liaisons are carefully selected as they are also accommodated at the hotel with the teams.


  1. The club invites the referees in their personal capacity.
  2. Various qualified persons do this through feedback on the performances of such referees.
  3. 36 Referees are invited from various LFA's.
  4. The persons in charge of the referees at the tournament are:
    1. Ronny Johnson:
      1. Ronny is a qualified assessor and is the convenor of the Vodacom League referees in the Western Cape.
      2. He also serves on the SAFA Cape Town referees committee.
      3. Ronny has also been the referee's convenor for the Premier Cup for almost 20 years.
      4. He also refereed in the tournament.
    2. Alexander da Sani:
      1. Alex was an assistant referee in the PSL before he sustained and injury which force him to stop.
      2. He also serves on the referees committee at SAFA Cape Town.
      3. He is also the appointments convenor at SAFA Cape Town.
  5. The two of them are responsible for selecting officials for all the matches.

Referees Assessors:

  1. Theses assessors are all SAFA qualified

Access Control:

  1. George Jacobs is in charge of the gatekeepers and has 12 personal in his section. The gatekeepers do not belong to the club an are paid for their services.
  2. George also serves on the Bayhill executive as a trustee.

Miscellanous Staff:

  1. Cleaners Staff; these people are employed by the premier cup. By so doing, we are providing unemployed people a means of income.
  2. Field convenors; are volunteers and do out of the love for the game.
  3. Disciplinary committee members; are the people that deal with the discipline at the tournament. They deal with complaints and disciplinary matters.


  1. The vendors and stallholders apply for stall long before the event. The applications are the selected by the committee. A fee is then charged to the successful applicants.

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Contact Information

Tournament Secretary: MG Abrahams
Cellphone: +27 83 243 7021
Fax: +27 21 633 1220

Tournament Director: Patrick J. Williams
Telephone: +27 21 787 5012 (office)
Cellphone: +27 82 335 7392
Fax: +27 86 601 7169