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  • Match Report - Game 11 - Bayhill United vs MPCE Football Academy

    Date published: 24 March 2016 by Bongani Silandu

    Match Report - Game 11 - Bayhill United vs MPCE Football Academy

    A silly free kick from MPCE on the right side resulted in an amazing free kick by no.8 probably a contender for goal of the tournament. Another free kick was conceded by MPCE on the left side but the goalkeeper made an amazing save.
    MPCE got a free kick in what looked like their only chance to score in the first half but a quality free kick lacked a touch by the attacking team.

    Bayhill looked more threatening in the closing minutes of the first half but the striker Taufeeq Adams couldn't finish those chances.
    MPCE also had 2 free kicks on the left side of the opponents but the ball lacked the power to beat the keeper.

    A 2 touch move by Bayhill confused the opponents and a one on one opportunity resulted in the keeper making an amazing save after a powerful shot by Irefaan Prins.

    With injury hitting Justin Geswindt of MPCE it resulted in him being replaced by Craig Schoeman.

    Another chance went wide after a Bayhill amazing solo run by Irefaan Prins lacked the final touch with the whistle being blown after the chance.
    MPCE came back swinging at start of the second half, even getting a free kick which did not have the finishing touch from a rebound.

    A mistake by the goalkeeper of Bayhill gave MPCE the equalising goal. A great indirect kick from Bevin-Leigh Paige of MPCE.

    Another quality through ball by MPCE's Bevin-Leigh Paige gave Heinrich van Zyl a one-on-one chance with the keeper, who made an easy save after the striker's shot lacked power and direction.

    A free kick close to the corner flag resulted in Vaughan Speelman of MPCE getting a yellow card after a reckless tackle on Tristan Johnson but Bayhill couldn't capitalise on the opportunity.

    A quick counter by Bayhill resulted in a quality cross by Bevan Johannes with Ahmed Davids finishing the move off.

    A quality goal kick by the MPCE goalkeeper resulted in a 50/50 ball between the Bayhill keeper and the MPCE attacker which resulted in the attacker getting a yellow card for his tackle on the keeper.

    The fourth official added 3 minutes of injury time. MPCE looked dangerous with their final attack but the Bayhill defence proved to be a tough rock to break
    Match result: Bayhill United 2 - MPCE Football Academy 1

    Bayhill made 2 substitutions. Replaced Garrin Jaftha with Lance Plaatjies and Bevan Johannes with Kyle Daries

    MPCE made 2 substitutions as well with Siphosethu Sibhoxo with Vaughan Speelman and Charlton van Dyck with Shadley Tape.

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