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  • Match Report: 05 - Greenwood Athletic vs Bayview FC

    Date published: 17 April 2019 by Okuhle Dukani

    Match Report: 05 - Greenwood Athletic vs Bayview FC

    The Bayhill Premier Cup Under 19 tournament continued with the fixtures of the day, with an interesting clash between two sides who looked to consist teams that play similar football in an evenly matched contest.

    This tie was a well-balanced from the start of the game, with both teams offering high pressing with high intensity trying to force the defenders to make mistakes.

    Greenwood were the better team in the middle of pitch closing Bayview quickly and the pin point distribution from Keanu Thornton to Tyrese Augustus was causing problems for Bayview left back Rameez Judaar who was always caught out of position because of his attacking runs.

    The first goal of the game came from sloppy defending of a corner by Bayview that was easily tapped in by Rick Jacobs the defender of Greenwood.

    Bayview got their chance to come back in to the game when they received a penalty for their player that was foiled inside the 18 yard area. They were unable to take advantage of the opportunity as it was saved by the keeper of Greenwood.

    The missed penalty gave Greenwood more confidence as they controlled the game causing problems for the full-backs of Bayview who were constantly caught out of position.

    Half time score Greenwood 1 - Bayview 0.

    Bayview came from the break playing good football collecting several passes as the game became more balanced.

    The scores almost went even when Cameron Links was played a through ball leaving him one-on-one with the Goalkeeper but he directed the ball straight at the keeper leaving him with an easy save.

    Many chances were created by the Bayview side including a shot that hit the bar but they didn’t seem to have the finishing touch inside the 18 area.

    Greenwood got their second goal of the match from another corner, this time played short for Tyrese Augustus who took a long range shot, through the defence of Bayview blocking the sight of the goalkeeper, eventually ending up at the back of the net making a 2-0 in favour of Greenwood.

    No other clear-cut chances were created for the rest of the game as Greenwood introduced two substitutions which were both defenders to try and kill the game for Bayview.

    The game continued to be well managed by Greenwood while Bayview lacked the needed quality of players to break the defence of the opposite side leaving the match to end 2-0 in favour of Greenwood.

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