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  • Match Report: 08 - University of Pretoria vs Bayview FC

    Date published: 18 April 2019 by Thabang Molokomme

    Match Report: 08 - University of Pretoria vs Bayview FC

    The Bayview and Tuks game saw the retired Tuks player, Lennox Bacela, who has formulated alongside others a football agency that seeks to navigate young players from disadvantaged backgrounds with the platform to express themselves in bigger and well-deserved stages. He further stated that, “I feel the country should create more of these kind of initiatives, so that players are identified and that can happen mostly with the generation of such tournaments”.

    Day two of the Premier cup sees Ama Tuks all the way from Pretoria take on the local boys Bayview of Cape Town on field A. Both teams wasting no time in having to seek opportunities in having to put their foot in front  as both goal keepers were forced into action within the first minute of the game. Bayview showed more hunger in forcing defensive errors from the tuks defence which unfortunately the Bayview side could not convert. A beautiful goal from Roaahz Wagiet of Bayview giving them the lead as he took a long range shot that left Miguel the tuks goalkeeper helpless.

    With the height advantage possessed by the tuks team, going in search for an equaliser from set pieces and long balls. Bayview possessed a very vocal goal keeper that marshalled his defence well within the first period of the game. Mathuane Selotola of Tuks gave the goal keeper and the Bayview right back no breathing space as he kept pilling the pressure bringing the goal keeper into action with venomous shots and killer crosses that forced the bayview defence to constantly be facing their own goal.

    Bayview showed more hunger and aggression in front of goal making their objectives clear to the Pretoria boys that they were more about goals then beautiful play. Beautiful play from Mathuane of ama tuks receiving a well-played diagonal cross on the right and taking on two opponents, leaving the keeper with no choice but to pick up the ball from the back of the net. Tuks played beautiful carpet football, in search of spaces and conversion opportunities.

    A skilful Lihleli Xotyeni expressed Kasi flavour football, with a midfield battle that he seemed to own. A beautiful distributor of the ball is Miguel Furriel, conducting counter attacks from his box area.

    Tuks go up two goals to 1 with a beautiful tap in from the Tuks attack. towards the end of the first half Bayview plays slowly died out giving tuks the platform of comfort in having to be confident on the ball, with the boys giving the crowd what they came to see, goals infused with beautiful play.

    The game resumed with a slow start as both teams began to settle in. An ambitious Joshua took a long range shot from the halfway line hoping to catch the Tuks goalkeeper by surprise but unfortunately off target. The second half had bodies flying everywhere as players showed their level of dedication, putting their bodies on the line, both in attack and in defence. Tuks persistence in front of goal showed their hunger in increasing their lead. In the first period of the second half tuks then decided to make a substitution bringing on the big Ifeanyichukwu Okolo in the striking front with the hopes of increasing their lead and breaking the stubborn but penetrable defence of Bayview further. As the game progressed tuks showed more comfort on the ball and better play displayed whiles Bayview pulls off Riaahz for Tyreeq Davids in the lime light of rejuvenating a fading Bayview side.

     A beautiful through ball from bay view’s skipper forcing tuks keeper to leave his comfort area to come clear the lines. Okola wasted no time in doing what he had been called to do punishing the Bayview side, with a defence that seemed to go to sleep for a bit in the game. Tuks bench seemed silent in the second half as the coach seemed comfortable with the lead and pressure tuks pilled on Bayview as they continued to seek maximum goals. A firing strike from Khunollakgadi outside the box saw the students increase their lead once again to 4 goals. A skilful tuks team saw Lebohang Wageng (right back) dance around with the ball giving the crowd an exciting show. As the game draws to an end University of Pretoria finish the game with 4 goals and Bayview leave the field of play with just one goal to show for it all.

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